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Are you new to the site? Finding it hard to work your way around? Start Here to your guided tour around South African Monkey and Tez Ferguson’s tour around the world. was originally a based site, it was written using as a way to share travel experiences with friends and family all across the globe. I set off to South Africa to see family and friends in 2010 and since then have not looked back.

The site itself kicked off bigger than I ever though possible and is still running to this day. If you want to see how it has progressed visit…

Anywho enough about the past… With the popularity of the site and more urges to travel was created.

There are two sides to the site:


The guides page also known as the “Home Page” is what is presented to you when you first visit the site, it provides a Map of locations with Pin Points of the different locations we have written guides about.

On this page you have the ability to filter by the options or just click on Markers on the map. Once you have clicked on a marker information about this location will appear. Be sure to click the “More Information” button for more on this.

Our Travels:

Separate to the Travel Guides this is a blog based on our experiences, so whether it is on our travels or just merely life experiences it is all posted here, this allows visitors to catch up on what we have been up to as well as experience our travel adventures first hand.

Now that you know the basics navigation becomes easy, naturally the site itself is still a work in progress so please be sure to contact us with feedback as we are always looking for improvements to make the site better and more suited to the visitors needs.

There are also additional pages which can be found under the “Resources” tab on the top menu, this shows a Calendar, Images, and much much more.

Now go and enjoy!

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