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The Potholes - South Africa

Bourkes Luck Potholes

I remember these from many years ago. Bourkes Luck Potholes are truly a fascinating sight. Entry is 80 Rand per vehicle, but well worth the visit. They offer a trek as well for a bit of extra money however if you are short on time like us I would highly recommend just the basic entry. […]

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Blyde River Canyon

Lowveld Viewpoint – The Three Rondavels

Slightly further down the road from the Three Rondavels viewpoint is a second viewpoint offering a second view of the Rondavels which is called the Lowveld Viewpoint. With a similar theme to the actual viewpoint you are redirected onto another road which leads up to the mountain top. This particular viewpoint is free of charge […]

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Blyde River Canyon - Rondavels

The Three Rondavels Viewpoint

Situated in the Blyde River Canyon The Three Rondavels are named after the shape in which they have formed over the years. For those that do not know what a Rondavel is, it is the little huts with a thatch roof that are traditionally designed by the Africans for their living quarters. If you are […]

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Roadtripping In SA

Road Trip – South Africa

Although my time here is limited this time around as it was only planned as a short trip to see family, we spent most of it in an almost Road Trip manner. Arriving at the weekend, we had literally a day and we were back in transport heading from Phalaborwa to White River to begin […]

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South Africa Sunset

African Sunset Experience

Are you a Sunset lover? If you are then why haven’t you experienced an African Sunset? There is something fascinating about watching the sun go down. Whether it is the reflection on the clouds enhancing their linings, or the beautiful colours that are presented in the sky from the Sun as it gets lower and […]

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Tez & Ryan Ferguson - Water 2

On The Water – Time To Think

It isn’t often I get time alone to just think and wonder about the world around us, but with a prime location at Pine Lake Resort we were fortunate enough to get ourselves on to one of their peddle boats. For those that have not experienced them it is almost like a bicycle on water […]

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Merensky Golf Course Phalaborwa

Hans Merensky – Golf Course – Phalaborwa

Over the years we had been brought up attending Hans Merensky Golf Course on a regular basis. I was too young myself to play but remember many a beautiful sunset whilst sitting by the Golf Bar overlooking the Golf Course. Usually a Friday night routine all the guys would meet for a few beers after […]

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Dad, Ryan & I

Today We Say Farewell To Dad On Our Trip

It is the first time in five years that I have been away on a trip with the family, in fact ironically the last time I few with dad must have been about 9 years ago. The trip to South Africa, was meant to be a last family trip so we could spend time with […]

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Vervet Monkey - Kruger Park

Naughty Monkeys – Watch Out

Living in South Africa, you get to experience the traits of Monkeys and where the saying Cheeky Monkey really does come from. You will find them everywhere running wild. From the Hans Merensky Golf Course, to sitting outside the shops awaiting you not to pay attention they will be there. Baboons are the scarier ones […]

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