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The Braai Brothers

The Braai Brothers – New Website

The Braai Brothers South African Monkey was initially started as a way to share my experiences with everyone back home as I travelled the world. Friends from all over would check up on me and how things were going. Since then to keep up with appearances, I am moving back to South Africa for another […]

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Momentum - Google Chrome

How To Keep Motivated Whilst Browsing – Momentum

Momentum For Google Chrome? As an avid traveller and online browser I spend most of my time either abroad travelling or browsing online for locations where I intend to set off to next. Now as this is all well and good, we often have tasks to do that we really try and put off. Whether […]

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Connect 3G To Computer

How To Use MTN Modem 3G On A Mac

I guess the same rules apply for other 3G Mobile Internet Dongles, but in this instance I was in South Africa, trying to connect my Macbook Pro to the Internet. The method of choice was an MTN Huawei Easy Link Internet Dongle with a standard Pay as You Go sim. With 5GB of usage to […]

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How To Track My Laptop

How To Track My Laptop: Whilst Traveling

People often ask how to track my laptop whilst traveling? Well the simple answer is Prey Anti-Theft. When I talk about tracking a laptop I don’t mean my own personal one so you can see where I am. I am talking security for your own personal laptop. You have spent a fortune on a new […]

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Lisbon, Portugal

My Biggest Regret Whilst Traveling In Europe

I say that, I don’t really have any regrets but if I were to say one I would say my biggest regret whilst traveling in Europe would be the fact we didn’t make full use of our time with experiencing new things. With long hours at work sometimes it was nice to just have a […]

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Best London Underground App

Best London Underground App

Getting around London using the London Underground is easy, but even for the most frequent travellers it can become confusing at times with all the stops and crossovers you are required to take. Often when visiting London even for a gig or even a day out we will have a set destination in London in […]

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Macbook Pro 2015 Review

New To The Team – Macbook Pro 2015 Review

It isn’t everyday I decide to make a spur of the moment purchase and not regret it. The only time that comes about is if we decide on a last minute trip somewhere. With news of South Africa around the corner for June, I thought it was about time I made it mobile. That being […]

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Vodafone London Underground Wifi

Vodafone London Underground Wifi – Free Internet

I remember being in South Africa about 5 years ago now discussing how good public transport is in Europe. How you can jump on a train in London and get the Underground as a form of Public Transport to any part of London, if not further a field. It was only then that I sat […]

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What Do Snails Taste Like - Snails Food

What do Snails Taste Like In France

A question I always get asked whilst talking about our time in France, is what do Snails taste like. Most people pull funny faces when they hear about Snails and me trying them. Well quite frankly they dont taste of much, if anything they are overpowered by Garlic. They have a similar slimey texture to […]

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