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What Do Snails Taste Like - Snails Food

What do Snails Taste Like In France

A question I always get asked whilst talking about our time in France, is what do Snails taste like. Most people pull funny faces when they hear about Snails and me trying them. Well quite frankly they dont taste of much, if anything they are overpowered by Garlic. They have a similar slimey texture to […]

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Cappuccino - Starbucks

Starbucks – The Global Trademark For Coffee

Ok, I understand we are not all avid coffee lovers and we do not always feel the need to drink coffee, especially on a hot summers day, but there is something peaceful and warm about it. One thing we found whilst traveling around Europe is Starbucks is one of the biggest franchises recognized in all […]

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Rodizio Preto London

Rodizio Preto London – Restaurant Review

Our trip to the Fulham game was sold to me by the thought of fine food and a trip to London for beer. Our fine food expedition lead us to Preto London also known as Rodizio Preto. I was told to expect lots of meats on skewers and the ability to try them all, boy […]

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