Ngwenya – South Africa

March 5, 2011

We all have that little place we like to call heaven where we can sit and relax with no worries of the world passing by. Well Ngwenya is one of those places, especially for my grandparents.

Rodney and Margie has always discussed this place with us listening to stories they had to tell. The only problem was we had never experienced it first hand to understand exactly what they were going on about.

This was going to an experience of a lifetime.

I was warned about the road up to Ngwenya when I had heard we were going to visit on our way through to Swaziland. It was an old truck road so an off road vehicle was recommended. We traveled the journey from Phalaborwa to Ngwenya in the Mercedes so it was not really made for the off road conditions.

On arrival it looked just like your regular Park Camp, with fancy gates allowing members in. However a glass of bubbly was offered on arrival. Wow we were in for a treat.

After finding out place and beginning to unpack we stopped and soaked in the sights. Not only had we managed to get a perfect location, on the corner we had a view to match. Rodney and Margie had purposely requested a view over the dam. What a good choice that was. Even in the distance we could see Elephant rustling in the bushes.

We were situated right on the edge of the Kruger gates so all it took was a five minute journey and we would be inside the Game Reserve yet again.

This was going to be an experience to remember, but hey I will let the pictures do the talking.

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Tez Ferguson An English, South African with a BSc in Business Computing With Marketing, he strives himself on the attitude that travel is bliss living the poets dream and telling others about his journey.

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