March 3, 2011

I have been traveling to South Africa throughout my life for many years now, but one place I had never visited was Swaziland. No particular reason why we had not, but it was going to be an experience.

We actually planned the trip as it is close to Ngwenya, the purpose was solely to try and cheat the system and stamp my passport to extend the time I spent in the country. Easier said than done.

Swaziland as a place is gorgeous! Very mountainous but it offers views over the whole of Swaziland, it truly cannot be described in writing. Naturally I don’t even think the photos do it justice.

For things to do in Swaziland, there isn’t much, but we stayed at the Royal Swazi which offered a small casino and amazing golf courses you can walk along.

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Tez Ferguson An English, South African with a BSc in Business Computing With Marketing, he strives himself on the attitude that travel is bliss living the poets dream and telling others about his journey.

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