Waking up in paradise – Punta Cana

February 11, 2016

Paradise Punta Cana

To me waking up in paradise is every day of my life but that being said it isn’t every day I wake up posting a message from the Caribbean! Yes sir you got it I am in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and quite frankly I could not ask for anything better.

Waking Up In Paradise

Waking Up In Paradise

The sun is out in force (30 degrees) and it is only half seven in the morning. With a four hour time difference to back home in England there isn’t much stress in getting used to the clock change but the early rises will occur for a few days. Still what better way to enjoy the sunrise than on the beach this early in the morning.

The hotel is a piece of art but the beach even nicer. Quite frankly I could have slept on the beach for two weeks. Watching the waves crash in front of me and the palm trees sway around me. This truly is paradise.

Waking Up In Paradise

Waking Up In Paradise

The sand is warm even early in the morning it offers a unique white glow from the reflection of the sun.

It truly makes you sit back relax and reflect on life as a whole. Is this the sign I have made it? Is this a taste of what is to come or merely just a holiday that I have to wait another year for my annual leave?

Only I can make that decision. But watch this space I can see quite a lot more of these stories coming in the not so distant future. Life shouldn’t be as hard as we make it out to be.

Never the less…

Waking Up In Paradise

Waking Up In Paradise

What more can you ask for? So as you know my mornings are not set without a cappuccino in hand I am off to go find myself the bar so I can start my morning properly.

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Tez Ferguson An English, South African with a BSc in Business Computing With Marketing, he strives himself on the attitude that travel is bliss living the poets dream and telling others about his journey.

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